10 Reasons Why Hospitality Jobs are Great?

Why hospitality jobs are great? Hospitality, opens the door to the world! The chances are, if you're reading this, you're one of them. You probably also know exactly why your industry is so popular, and why so many people want to work in it. Yes the shifts can be long and tiring, but you'll rarely find someone with hospitality job who doesn't have a passion for it. Here are just ten of the reasons why a career in hospitality is well...great!

How To Change Your Cash Withdrawal Limit Via Auto-Teller Machine (ATM)

ATM withdrawal limit. When we first open an account in any bank in Malaysia, some bank will ask for our preference on the ‘Cash Withdrawal Limit’, and some even set it to default (for eg. Maybank set it to RM1000 per day). This is set due to safety purposes (let’s say your wallet/purse gone missing, this ATM withdrawal limit can stop the founder’s usage in your card) and even for self-disciplinary method (for those spendthrift out there).

MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2016

MOFA Taiwan Fellowship . The Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, mainland China, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese studies to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan. 

Financial Aids for Tertiary Level: PTPTN or MARA

PTPTN or MARA? A very tough question, but first of all, congratulations to all our readers out there whom decided to pursue their study in the tertiary level! And also, we would like to welcome the SPM leavers to this whole new education world.

Cafe Hopping In Sabah - Trend or Lifestyle And Where To?

Cafe Hopping In Sabah - Trend or Lifestyle And Where To? Hi ya there, dear readers! I hope all of you are in a great condition. I know it is fasting month, but that doesn’t mean that we can make it as an excuse to passive and just sit there doing nothing, right? Therefore, I’ve decided to write something different for this entry. Anyone of you have heard of cafĂ© hopping before? I believe not much.
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