84 Annual Scholarships for Anaesthesiology From Health Ministry

The Malaysian Health Ministry recently announced that 84 annual scholarships for Aneasthesiology will be offered to interested and qualified students. This is to address the shortage of specialist doctors in Anaesthesiology. Malaysian Health Ministry will annually offer 84 scholarships starting next year for doctors keen in Anaesthesiology.

PTPTN Offer 20 Per Cent Discount Who Repay in Full

Great news for all PTPTN loan borrowers. PTPTN  is now offering 20% discount who repay their loan in full. Although it is probably not many who will be able to take up this offer but for those who can afford to pay in full this is a great opportunity for you to settle your loan with PTPTN.

INSTEP Training as Technician in Oil and Gas Industry

If you are Malaysian citizen and still single, looking forward for a future career in Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry, INSTEP training as a technician in O&G Industry should be the best for you. The O&G industry is ecperiencing rapid growth both locally and globally. At INSTEP, they train highly competent and skilled technicians to meet the growing needs of this industry. That is one of the strong reason why you should go for this opportunity.
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