Can I Apply to Many Scholarships At The Same Time

This question probably one of frequently ask question (FAQ) for many student. Of course the answer is YES! In fact you should apply to as many scholarships as possible to increase your chance of getting one.

Are "2B" and "HB" Pencil The Same

What is the difference between “2B” and “HB” pencil?  Maybe many people have this question. The answers below should be the best explanation to describe the differences of 2B and HB pencil.

How to Apply to USM Guide for Students

Thinking about applying to study in USM? The best part is, unlike the other IPTAs, USM has its own application process system for interested and qualified students. Students from  post-Matriculation/Asasi, STPM or Diploma student who wish to continue your studies in USM should refer to the followings simple four (4) step-by-step guides on how to apply to University Sains Malaysia (USM).

Public Versus Private Colleges in Malaysia

In view of data gave by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia is right now home to 20 state funded colleges and 36 private colleges. What is it truly that parts individuals' choices to apply for either?

Occupations for Individuals Who Hate to Get Stressed

According to survey done by Forbes, The Most Stressful Jobs Of 2014 is to serve in Military, public relations executive and senior corporate executive. After the protracted U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of us are keenly aware of  how stressful it can be to serve in the military. Many enlisted men and women risk their lives every day. Military officers may not be on the front lines but their lives are often in danger and they have a job that may be even more stressful than worrying for their own well-being:  they are responsible for the lives of those under their command.
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