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Check STPM Result 2017 Online or SMS

Check STPM Result 2016 online and SMS - Do you know that it is easy to check STPM result? Student may also check their STPM Result from their respective school from 12 noon onwards. The easiest one to get your STPM result is through SMS. That is the information we want to share with you here.

So how to check STPM result through SMS? Read on the following details.

Students who sat for the STPM examinations won’t have to wait any longer. The exam results is expected to be released this coming March 2017.

Results can be retrieved

1. From their respective schools from 12 noon onwards
2. Through post mail, for private candidates
3. Via SMS by typing STPM RESULT<space>No. MyKad and send to 15888
4. Revision of STPM results online at the website Malaysian Examinations Council starting at 12PM that day.

Any questions regarding 2016 STPM results can be submitted to the respective school or Malaysian Examinations Council at telephone no. 03 6136 9663, fax  no. 03 6136 1488 or e-mail ppa@mpm.edu.my

Check SPM 2015 result?

You may check your SPM result by SMS

How to check SPM result using SMS?
Type: SPM<jarak>NoKP<jarak>NoAngkaGiliran hantar ke 15888

Check STPM Result through SMS

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Good luck!

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