Is my university qualified for JPA loan?

Is my university qualified for JPA loan program? Many student emailed to us regarding to this question. Not all students got the opportunity or qualified to get scholarships/study loan from JPA to further their studies locally or overseas as JPA scholarships offer is limited to certain number of students for specific field of studies only.

However, JPA loan is another channel to get some funding or financial support for you to further your studies locally or overseas.

The question now is this: Is my university qualified for JPA Loan? It is very IMPORTANT that you do some research about the university before coming to a decision.

Indeed this is very important and frequently asked question. If you choose IPTA/IPTS which is not recognized by JPA, then the possibility of your JPA Loan application to get the approval is very low or it will be rejected immediately by JPA student loan panel.

So how to find out whether or not your university is qualified for JPA Loan?

This is how and where you can find out:
JPA qualification accreditation
There is where you can find out by visiting this link

Through this JPA Qualification Accreditation portal, you can check whether or not your university is in the JPA's accreditation list.

It is good that every student must check the university's JPA accreditation status here before taking decision to enroll into any university.

If you are qualified and interested to apply visit >>> JPA Study Loan Application Online

Is my university qualified for JPA Loan? The above is the answer.
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