100 Full Scholarships For Top STPM Scorers At KBU International College

Last time we have published a news about The University of Nottingham Malaysia scholarships offer for top STPM scorers. Check out the entry HERE. This time we have KBU International College offering 100 full scholarships for top STPM scorers.

Interested and qualified students are encouraged to apply for this very attractive scholarship offer. All you have to do is to contact KBU International College using the contact details hereunder.
Students who obtained a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4 in STPM are qualified and can enjoy 100 per cent coverage of tuition fees for a wide range of UK degree programmes conducted at KBU. The degrees at KBU are awarded by Nottingham Trent University, Sheffield Hallam University and Anglia Ruskin University.

If you are a top STPM scorers and still looking for place to studies in one of the below courses, this should be the best opportunity for you. Check out the courses list below.

Of the 100 scholarships, 10 each would be for the following preferred courses:
  1. Electrical & Electronic engineering
  2. Computer & networking engineering
  3. Software engineering
  4. Information & communication technology
  5. Graphic design
  6. Interior Architecture and Design
  7. Furniture & product design
  8. Business management
  9. Accounting
  10. Finance & Marketing
Partial scholarships (70 per cent coverage) are also available for STPM holders who achieved CGPA of 3.75 – 3.99 are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For STPM holders with CGPA from 2.80-3.50 can also apply for partial scholarships which are being offered under KBU’s Merit Scholarship.

To inquire, call 03-7727 3200. Alternatively, send an e-mail to vasugi.supra@kbu.edu.my or Cherrie Quah at cherriequah@kbu.edu.my

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