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JPA-MARA scholarship program for students. If you are looking for the best scholarship, this could be one of it. This year JPA-MARA offered special scholarship program for qualified and interested students to apply.

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Applicants from the 2015 SPM leavers are invited to get sponsorship under the JPA-MARA Special Program to pursue first degree studies locally and internationally. Candidates are selected for this program will follow the setup program before pursuing First Degree.

The JPA-MARA Special Program is a sponsorship program for Bumiputera students with excellent SPM results and pursuing higher education in selected courses.

Shortlisted applicants may be  invited to attend scholarship interview. To get yourself fully prepared please read scolarship interview tips. It will gives you some information and tips on how to prepare for scholarship interview.
JPA-MARA scholarship for SPM students. please apply online for those qualified and interested

Japanese Academic Program

Japan Academic Program (PAJ) is a sponsorship program to other countries in engineering and social sciences. Students will undergo a special preparation program before pursuing a first degree to Japan.

College placement in preparation for the Japanese Academic Program will be held in Ambang Asuhan Jepun (AAJ) and Institut Bahasa Teikyo (IBT).

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a.    Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho: MEXT)
b.   Biasiswa Ajinomoto Post-graduate Universityof Tokyo

Interested to work in Japan? Please read about Work in Japan with Toshiba for Malaysian Fresh Graduates.  Last year, Toshiba announced that they are recruiting final year students and fresh graduates from Malaysia to work in Japan. Although most of the opening are for engineers but there are a few job vacancies in human resources and administration. This opportunity probably will be available again this year.

We will update if there is any new updates.

First Degree Program in Government Linked University (GLU)

Degree Programme in Government Linked Companies (GLC) University (Universiti Tenaga National, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Multimedia University).

Students will attend a preparatory course at the University of choice before continuing the First Degree in the same University.

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First Degree Degree Program in IPTS

The First Degree programs in IPTS will prepare the students before their Degree in Private Higher Education Institutions within the medical field . The inventory will be conducted in Kolej Teknologi Timur ( KTT ) and Malaysia International Islamic School (ISM).

Your are required to submit your application on or before March 31, 2016


General Criteria:
• The applicants and applicant's parents (either Mother or Father), who is of the Bumiputera ethnic group and a Malaysian Citizen.
• Applicants must not exceed 19 years old in the application (20 years old for transitioning students) and SPM in 2015 for the first time.
• Applicant is in good health
• Applicant's Mother, father and family members are not blacklisted by the JPA or are in the JPA litigation.
• The applicant does not receive financial support / sponsorship of any agency to study or equal rank.

Program Requirements: Engineering
Overseas: Japan
In the country: UTP, UNITEN, MMU

A minimum grade of 'A' in seven ( 7 ) of the following subjects :
•    Bahasa Melayu
•    English
•    History
•    Islamic Education or Al - Quran Education and As- Sunnah or Syariah Islamiah or Moral education
•    Additional Mathematics
•    Physics
•    Chemistry
•    Without any C in any subjects taken

Program Requirements: Science
Example : Bio Science , Bio Medicine , Health Sciences , Physics , Mathematics, Science Food , Actuarial Sciences

In the country: UTP, UNITEN, MMU
A minimum grade of 'A' in seven ( 7 ) of the following subjects:
•    Bahasa Melayu
•    English
•    History
•    Islamic Education or Al - Quran Education and As- Sunnah or Syariah Islamiah or Moral education
•    Mathematics
•    Additional Mathematics
•    Biology/ Physics/ Chemistry
•    Without any C in any subjects taken.

Program Requirements: Social Sciences & Humanities
Example : Legislation, Economics, Communication, Marketing, International Relationship, Hospitality, Banking, Statistics, Psychology, Tourism

In the country: UTP, UNITEN, MMU
A minimum grade of 'A' in seven ( 7 ) of the following subjects:
•    Bahasa Melayu
•    English
•    Mathematics
•    Science
•    History
•    Islamic Education or Al - Quran Education and As- Sunnah or Syariah Islamiah or Moral education
•    Accounting / Economics / Trade / Malay Literature / Geography / Science and Technology
•    Without any C in any subjects taken.

For more details on the criteria, visit


Based on the agreement set by the scholarship provider.

Preferred Discipline
Any field offered in UTP, UNITEN, MMU

How To Apply

• Applications can be made online at the MARA website between March 4, 2016 until March 10, 2016 (seven days).
• Applicants must register first before you can apply ONLINE.
•  Applicants should read and understand all of the guidelines and conditions that are available prior to making application.

Contact Info

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)
Ibu Pejabat MARA 21,
Jalan Raja Laut
50609 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2613 2000
Email :
Web: MARA Official Website at

Not much related to the above scholarship but just in case you may be interested to look for JPA scholarship, find out JPA PIDN Scholarship Reguirements as your guidelines.

Please take not that should you need more info or details about the above scholarship, contact the scholarship provider directly. Information may change from time-to-time, so you are encouraged to contact them before submitting your scholarship application.
Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk pelajar.

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