CIMB Bank Regional Scholarship 2018 Application Form Online

CIMB Bank Asean Scholarship. CIMB Bank Regional Scholarship is open again for qualified and interested student to apply.  If you are qualified and interested to apply for this scholarship please read the information below to apply for CIMB Bank Regional Scholarship.

CIMB Bank Asean Scholarship 2018 Application Form Online

Since our previous post about CIMB Scholarship Awards was so popular, we decided to post some updates here.

Submit your application before the above-mentioned deadline. You can submit your application online at CIMB Regional Scholarship Application Online

For more information about this scholarship offer visit HERE

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CIMB Bank Asean Scholarship Program

In line with our vision to be The Leading ASEAN Company, CIMB Group is committed towards
building the region’s intellectual properties and capabilities. With this in mind, CIMB Group has established the CIMB Regional Scholarship which aims to provide outstanding individuals from all ASEAN countries a chance to pursue full-time postgraduate degree programmes at top graduate schools around the world.

CIMB Group seeks highly talented individuals who have attained impressive track record of academic and personal achievements and can see themselves playing a significant role in the development of the ASEAN region to the recipients of this scholarship.

This year, we seek to award five scholarships to deserving individuals in three areas i.e. Sports Science, Botany and Fine & Creative Arts studies.

CIMb Bank Asean Scholarship Info

* This scholarship isn't only awarded to outstanding students but students who are highly talented and have attained exceptional personal achievements.      
* CIMB will award 5 scholarships to deserving individuals in two areas: Arts and Environmental Studies.      
* This covers students academic fees in local institutions only.


* A citizen of any Southeast Asia country
* Have gained acceptance at a top graduate school to pursue postgraduate degree programme in the fields of study offered at the time when the CIMB Regional Scholarship is awarded
* Possess a Bachelor's Degree with minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 or equivalent (for Master's Degree applicants), or a Master's Degree with good examiner's report or equivalent (for Doctoral Degree applicants) that is relevant to the course or field applied for
* Do not hold any other scholarships, awards or grants that come with any contractual obligation between the recipient and the provider
- Relevant work experience is a bonus!
- Full scholarship award funding all academic fees such as registration and examination fees, book allowance, as well as other expenses such as accommodation, airfare, travel documents, etc.

Preferred discipline

* Arts - Creative Arts, Fine Arts
* Environmental Studies:
* Selection Criteria
- Deficiencies in urbanisation and industrialisation planning
- Deforestation and soil degradation
- Loss of biodiversity
- Transboundary atmospheric and coastal pollution
- Deteriorating water quality and availability.
- Have a track record of outstanding achievements that are relevant to the proposed field of study
- Demonstrate potential to contribute significantly to the region, given the opportunity to further study
- Active involvement in extra-curricular activities
- Possess the required competencies (leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, energy level, etc)


Covers academic fees such as registration and examination fees, book allowance, as well as other expenses such as accommodation, airfare, travel documents, etc.
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How to apply

* Application must be submitted online here.
* Information provided will only be used for the purpose of evaluating your application for the CIMB Regional Scholarship. Submission of copies of certificates, commendation letters or any other document is not required at this moment. Only applicants who are shortlisted for the next round of assessment will be required to produce the original copies of relevant documents.

Should you need further information about CIMB Bank Asean Scholarship please contact them directly.

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