Permohonan Kemasukan Program Latihan Kemahiran GIATMARA Seluruh Negara

Program Latihan Kemahiran GIATMARA. or Apply GIATMARA skills training programs are designed based on the modular concept, the practical (hands-on) and employable skills according to current needs and are offered free of charge. GIATMARA Program is an effort to  encourage bumiputera to enhance their technical skills and become entrepreneurs in a competitive open market. Now there are 209 GIATMARA Centers operating in the country.

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Permohonan Kemasukan Program Latihan Kemahiran GIATMARA. Application for GIATMARA  is now open for application.

Permohonan Kemasukan Program Latihan Kemahiran GIATMARA di seluruh negara

Admission Requirements
1. Malaysia Citizen
2. At least 15 years old at the time of application.
3. Bumiputra
4. Priority is given to local residents
5. Healthy and not disabled
6. Interested in construction field
7. Can read, write and count.
8. Electrical Wiring for the course, Animation and Technology Tool & Die Technology must end Form 5.

For more information please visit GIATMARA Information Website

Application can be downloaded from here Borang Permohonan Latihan Kemahiran GIATMARA

List of courses being offered in GIATMARA can be obtained here IKLAN PENGAMBILAN

If you need further information please use the following contact details:-

Jabatan Pembangunan Pelatih GIATMARA Malaysia
Tingkat 4 Bangunan Medan MARA
21 Jalan Raja Laut
50609 Kuala Lumpur
Telefon : 03 2691 5111 sambungan 3402
Fax : 03 2691 0249
e-mail :

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If you need more information or latest updates about permohonan kemasukan Program Latihan GIATMARA please contact them directly or visit the nearest GIATMARA Trainning Center in your area.