Calum Miller Scholarship 2012 at University of Edinburgh

If you are thinking about university degree in UK this is a very good opportunity for you. Colum Miller Scholarship 2012 at University of Edinburg is available. It is open to Malaysian or to student from any country.

One scholarship of £10,000 is awarded to a student from any country.

The scholarships are open to applicants who have an excellent academic record and who are applying for admission onto the Full-time MBA or MBA in International Business in September 2012. An award may be withdrawn if a student fails to meet the academic standards set by the University.

Although applications for the scholarships should be made before 31 May 2012, the scholarships will only be awarded to applicants who have firmly accepted their offer through payment of the deposit. Applicants who hold full sponsorships are not eligible for the scholarship.

If an applicant is successful in being awarded a scholarship, but subsequently declines their offer of admission on the MBA programme, the award of the scholarship will be withdrawn and awarded to another applicant.

For more information and to apply, please visit: