Permohonan Ke IPTA, Politeknik, TEVT Dan ILKA (Apply for the IPTA, Premier Polytechnic, TEVT and ILKA)

We have been receiving many emails from our readers about how to apply for the IPTA, Premier Polytechnic, TEVT & ILKA. We found that the guidelines and tips from could answer some of those question. If you are thinking about applying for the IPTA, Premier Polytecnic, TEVT and ILKA, this is a complete guidelines for you. Good luck!

Every year, students who’ve completed their SPM, STPM, Pre-University and Diploma are faced with the worry of applying for the IPTA through UPU. This year, we decided to make things a little easier for you and publish a short step-by-step guide on what you have to do to apply for your dream course!

Step 1:
Buy a pin number from BSN.
* You can do it via ATM, online banking (through or SMS banking
* You can get a list of all the BSN ATM branches here:
* For more info on how to apply for the pin number, click here
* The pin number will cost RM10.60 per person
* You will be given a Unique ID

Step 2:Go to the UPU website
* Click on the e-borang application which applies to you
* There are three categories:
  a. IPTA/Premier Polytechnic applications for post-SPM or equivalent
  b. ILKA and TEVT applications for post-SPM or equivalent
  c. IPTA applications for post-STPM/ matriculation/ asasi/ diploma/ diploma/ STAM or equivalent
* Fill in your details, including your Unique ID and choose your course
* UPU Website:

Tip: If you’re not sure which course to take, go to to find outwhich course suits you

Step 3:Submit your online application
* You are only allowed to submit ONE application
* You can only change/ update your application THREE (3) times. After that, it will be finalised.

Deadline: 2nd April 2012

** STPM/Asasi/Diploma students who are interested in applying for a course in USM need to apply via their website: starting 9 January 2012.

Just So You Know:
* SPM students can only apply for Asasi and Diploma courses. STPM, Diploma and Foundation students can apply for degree courses
* Most Asasi courses are only applicable to Bumiputera students. However, UPM’s Asasi Sains Pertanian and all of UPNM’s Asasi programmes are open to non-bumis. Rest assured, though, everyone can apply to diploma programmes.
* TEVT: Institut Pendidikan Teknikal & Latihan
* ILKA: Institut Latihan Kemahiran Awam

Useful Links:1. Confused about whether to take Asasi or Diploma? explains it all in “Matrikulasi, Asasi or Diploma?”
2. Get a list of all the IPTAs here:
3. Keep track of all the important dates for your UPU applications:
4. For a list of all the institutions involved, go to and click on “Apa itu IPTA/ Politeknik Premier/ TEVT(Politeknik)/ ILKA?

All the Best!