Putra Foundation Scholarship Fund Untuk Lepasan SPM

Putra Foundation Scholarship Fund offered by Putra Intelek International College (PIIC), a 5 star rated college and Top 23 in Malaysia is awarding full and partial scholarships to excellent and outstanding students with exceptional academic results. If you are qualified and interested, this scholarship is for you. But before applying, read Putra Foundation scholarship fund info below.

Putra Foundation Scholarship

The Malaysian government has emphasized education as one of the continuously supporting and growing sectors for the country’s economic growth. In regards to that, financial aid is provided to all Malaysian students to pursue their higher education and help them make their dream come true as a successful graduate and employee in future.

Read the followings info about Putra Foundation scholarship for your references.

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Putra Foundation scholarship offer is in 2 categories. Refer to the lists below and do your self-assessment whether or not you are qualified for this scholarship. The most important requirement is you must further your studies at Putra Intelek International College (PIIC), one of the best private college in this country.

Full Scholarship:
a. SPM – Staright As (combination of A+, A and A-)
b. STPM – Straight As

Partial Scholarship:

Each successful applicant who will pursue diploma program will be given RM5,000 as scholarship. Each successful applicant who will pursue degree program will be given RM 10,000 as scholarship.

a. SPM – Minimum 5As (including BM, English and Mathematics)
b. STPM – Minimum 2As
c. Diploma – First Class (CGPA of at least 3.75 – 4.00) * Only from PIIC

Putra Foundation Scholarship Preferred Discipline    

a. Risk Management
b. Information Technology
c. Business Management
d. Accounting & Finance
e. Forensic Computing 


Full or partial tuition fees

How to apply    

If you are qualified and interested to pursue your diploma or degree studies at Putra Intelek International College (PIIC) you may try applying for this scholarship. To apply for this scholarship visit PIIC scholarship page HERE

Contact Info:    
Contact : 03- 80 6000 20
Web : www.putraintelek.edu.my
Email : info@putraintelek.edu.my

Hopefully this info about Putra Foundation Scholarship Fund is helpful to you. We wish you all the best!