Kirkby International College music college in Perak Soon

Kirkby International College (KIC) plans to set up a music college in Perak for the purpose of increasing training options for teachers, especially in the music field.

Its president, Bismillah Khatoon Abdul Kader says, the plan is still in its early stages and that the college will be signing an agreement with the state government of Perak for a piece of land there.

Currently, the college offers four programmes – Diploma in English, Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Creative Media and A-Levels.

Bismillah says that KIC has 12 branches in Malaysia and 1,000 student teachers under the Program Pensiswazahan Guru

She added that KIC is equipped with the facilities to train teachers according to international standards which encourages teachers to develop classroom practices through creative curriculum and learning.
She says, also, that KIC is promoting their programme overseas, particularly in countries like Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Palestine and Korea

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