UTAR-SAMLING Scholarship

UTAR SAMLING Scholarship is available to qualified and interested student to apply. This scholarship is one of the most attractive scholarship for student. Recipient of this scholarship will be offered to work with SAMLING upon graduation.

a. Students with excellent SPM or STPM results applying for UTAR or enrolled UTAR students
b. Good personality, excellent communication skills and hold leadership positions in extra-curricular activities
c. Must not be a recipient of another scholarship
d. Upon completion of studies, keen to serve Samling Group for a period of time
e. Malaysians only. Sarawakians encouraged to apply

Preferred discipline    
i. Arts: Accounting and Finance
ii. Science: Electrical, Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing
* RM15000 per academic year for Arts
* RM18000 per academic year for Science

How to apply – Send a FORMAL email to Lisa Tan tanct@samling.com.my to enquire further. Prefers email from yahoo, gmail and ymail only.

Contact Info for Enquiries: Lisa Tan, Email: tanct@samling.com.my

Deadline: 30 June 2012

Good luck!