A-Level high achievers

DISTED College students excelled in the international Cambridge A-Level 2012 June examination with 9 of them scoring 3As and above, and 14 others 2As.

Engineer wannabe Chuah Yimin, 19, topped the list with 4 straight As in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

She was delighted with her fine achievements in the rigorous and challenging university preparatory programme.

“It gives me great pride and joy to excel in the internationally acclaimed A-Level examination, which adds a distinctive milestone in my academic quest,” she said.

As to achieving academic success, she prescribes consistent hard work and a balanced life.

“Regular revision is a must as procrastinating to last minute intensive studying is a big and regrettable risk.

“Group study is beneficial for discussing difficult topics and questions to facilitate better understanding.

“Also important is to go through the past years’ papers as early as possible in order to be familiar with the examination format and question trends.

“I plan my schedule ahead weekly to keep a balance between studying and personal activities for rejuvenation such as going to the cinema with friends,” she advised.

Chuah was a member of the college’s Recycling Club which collects and sells recyclables to raise funds for charitable organizations.

The other high achievers included Desmond Cheong Han Wei who attained 3 high distinctions (A*) in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, also scored an A in General Paper.

Marcus Pan Jia-En and Ong Eu-Jeen each scored 3As including 2 high distinctions.

For details on the Cambridge A-Level course, call 604-2296579 or check out www.disted.edu.my