New salary and career survey shows employers prefer the skills of ACCA accountants

Kuala Lumpur – The latest salary survey from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) shows career aspirations can be met in uncertain economic times. ACCA students and affiliates around the world frequently earn salaries that exceed the national average across other professions, states the latest Students and affiliates salary and career survey 2012 .

The report’s findings capture information on the salaries, bonuses and benefits of ACCA students and affiliates, including students studying for the foundation level qualifications around the world. The report also records their typical working hours, their career plans and priorities.

A total of 22,379 ACCA students and affiliates around the world participated in an online survey conducted in the late second quarter of 2012.

Some key highlights from Malaysia include:

* In the 12 months preceding this survey, three in four (73%) ACCA students and affiliates received a pay rise, well above the global average of 63%

* A large majority (85%) expect a pay rise in the next year, exceeding the global average of 67% and reflecting the strong economic growth in Malaysia

* 72% of students in Malaysia received a bonus in the past year, ahead of the worldwide average of 50%. Of those who received a bonus, 53% enjoyed a higher award than in the previous year, with little variation across sectors

* Students with more than five years of experience earn three times as much as students with less than two years of experience

* ACCA students in Malaysia are ambitious and understand the opportunities an ACCA qualification gives them: 81% aim to gain a more senior position in their current area, 74% want to lead a finance team and 72% of respondents below the age of 30 years are willing to work overseas

* ACCA students in Malaysia are not afraid of working hard to achieve their goals, with 92% of respondents working 40 hours or more every week, exceeding the worldwide average of 67%. On average, students in Malaysia spend close to 48 hours a week at work

Ms Jennifer Lopez, country head of ACCA Malaysia, said: “This research clearly reinforces the fact that the accountancy profession offers diverse career opportunities across industry sectors, and generates the financial rewards to match. This is a profession of trust and ability, and those who are well qualified are recognised and heavily depended upon by employers.”

Many employers in Malaysia recognise ACCA professionals to have the right skills needed to get the job done, and extends their support by providing benefits such as study leave and payment of various student fees.

“With much to look forward to, we hope these statistics would motivate more to enter into this profession, especially given Malaysia’s continuous need for qualified certified accountants in building the nation. ACCA champions the value that accountants bring to the global economy, and will continue to work with key stakeholders to develop the global accountancy profession,” said Lopez.