Hong Leong Scholarship Application Form Online

Hong Leong Scholarship application form online. The Hong Leong Bank Foundation has, as part of its donation framework, designed a scholarship programme to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families and includes families whose children live with disabilities.  The Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities – giving deserving students the chance to have the higher education necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders.

To apply and more info visit biasiswa Hong Leong Bank online.

Over one and a half million Ringgit is allocated each year for scholarship grants for the public for diploma and undergraduate studies at local universities and selected institutions of  higher learning.  Invitations are also extended to the scholars for industrial training at Group companies to help ensure that scholars graduate into the workforce with sufficient knowledge and relevant experience.  Apart from these, a separate fund is set aside for scholarship grants for deserving children of Group staff.  Both grants for the public and Group staff’s children are unconditional.

For those who are interested to apply you may do so at Hong Leong scholarship application form Online.

Scholarship Info

If you have a diploma or degree offer, are waiting for one, or are currently taking courses at a recognised university or college in Malaysia, and need assistance funding your studies – apply for our Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship Programme today.


a. The Undergraduate Scholarship Programe. Deadline: 1 July 2016
b. The Master’s Scholarship Programme.
c. The The ROAR – Reach Out and Rise


a. Between the ages of 17 – 25 with a minimum of 6As in SPM, 3As in STPM, 5As in UEC or a 3.5 CGPA (in STPM, A-Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Diploma and Degree)
b. Currently NOT receiving any financial aid from or bonded by any organisation


1. Undergraduate studies at local universities  RM 8,500/= p.a.
2. Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses at local institutions RM 6,000/= p.a.
3. Undergraduate studies at local private universities up to RM 24,000/= p.a. (“3+0” degree programmes on full-time and on-campus basis)

How to Apply

Download and complete the Hong Leong Scholarship Application Form at Hong Leong scholarship application form Online

Send the completed form with other relevant documents to:

Contact Info

Hong Leong Foundation
Hong Leong Bank
18, Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel: +(603) 2164 1818
Email: scholarships@hongleong.com.my

Read Hong Leong scholarship FAQs here
For further information, email the secretariat at scholarships@hongleong.com.my