New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards Application Form ONLINE

Are you looking forward to further your studies in New Zealand and getting a scholarship for it? New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards is now open for application, interested and qualified student can download the New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards Application Form online here.

Read on for more information about this scholarship opportunity before proceeding to download the New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards Application Form online by clicking the download link in the last paragraph.

New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards Background

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards seek to make a substantial contribution to ASEAN’s development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree and doctorate/PhD) in New Zealand.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards (NZ-AS) are part of the New Zealand’s official development assistance to the ASEAN region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, through the New Zealand Aid Programme, delivers this scholarships scheme.

Under the NZ-AS scheme, up to 180 scholarships are available to candidates from ASEAN countries. From the total of 180, up to 4 scholarships per annum are available for Malaysian applicants.

The scholarships are for full-time study (See the scholarship benefits) at one of nine eligible New Zealand institutions. See the list of eligible New Zealand education institutions

The aim will be to allocate at least one scholarship each year to a candidate from Sabah and another to a candidate from Sarawak. The remaining two scholarships will be available to candidates from Peninsular Malaysia. If in any year suitable candidates are not forthcoming from one of these three areas the criteria will be relaxed to take in candidates from elsewhere in Malaysia.

Who can apply?

The followings are some of the details about who can apply for this New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards. Make sure to read it carefully.

Individuals who meet the following profile may apply for the NZ-AS Malaysian scholarships:

1. From the public or private sector or civil society, with priority being accorded to candidates who can demonstrate leadership quality and potential for future leadership;
2. The proposed field of study should be of arguable relevance to the future development of ASEAN as a whole, of Malaysia, of a state in Malaysia (e.g. Sabah or Sarawak) or of an ethnic group in Malaysia. (Preference may be extended to a suitable Orang Asli candidate from Peninsular Malaysia if one applies, given the educational disadvantage experienced by that group.)
3. Candidates should be under 40 years of age at the time of application for Masters and under 45 years of age at the time of application for PhD.
4. Those with work experience in a field relevant to their intended course of postgraduate study, and who can demonstrate a connection between their previous field of study and their intended field of postgraduate study will have an advantage.
5. Applicants must also meet the general eligibility criteria for New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Awards.


  • 30 August 2013- Applications due
  • September / October- Short-listed candidates interviewed
  • October / November- Successful candidates informed
  • January 2014- Pre -departure briefing

Further information and application and selection processes

For more detail on conditions applying to these awards and on the application and selection processes please refer to the New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards Country profile: Malaysia [PDF 38kb].

Download New Zealand-Asean Scholars Awards Application Form Online (PDF)
Deadline: 30th August 2013