ECM LIBRA Foundation Study Loan Program For Student

Looking for study loan? ECM LIBRA Foundation Study Loan Program for student is now available. Download the study loan application form online here. Deadline is 31st December 2014. This study loan is open for all Malaysian students.

Interested and qualified student are encourage to submit their loan application to ECM Libra Foundation at the address given below. Read on for more information before downloading the ECM LIBRA Foundation study loan application form.

ECM LIBRA Foundation Study Loan
Provider Type: NGO/Foundation
Scholarship Type:Loan

What is the loan program for?
The Foundation offers study loans to underprivileged and needy Malaysian students undertaking tertiary education in any approved private or public university or college locally. The study loan which is interest and bond free will cover tuition fees which will be paid directly to the institutions, but may include cost of living expenses when the need is proven.

An individual seeking a loan must have gained admission to the university or college before applying for the loan. Generally the loan can be for any course of study chosen but the Foundation reserves the right not to offer the study loan. To qualify for a loan the student will need to find a guarantor.

Why a loan?
We are offering loans rather than scholarships to address the needs of the truly needy. Loans give the loan recipients a sense of self-esteem as they are not receiving hand-outs but bridging their temporary financial needs. Loans ensure strong commitment to their studies since they know they have to succeed to gain employment and enable themselves to repay the loan. It is the Foundation’s hope that this will act as a strong motivating factor for the student to strive for the best grades throughout the course of study.

Target Group:

  1. SPM Leavers
  2. STPM Leavers
  3. Pre-U Students
  4. Foundation Students
  5. Matriculation Students
  6. Skill Certificate Holders
  7. Diploma Students
  8. Bachelor Degree Students/Graduates
  9. Professional Certificate Holders
  10. UEC Students

Study Level:

  • Skills Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Professional Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree

Study Location: Local

Minimum Requirement for Application:
The followings are the minimum requirements.
a. be a Malaysian citizen;
b. prove eligibility for financial assistance, as means testing will be strictly applied;
c. has good academic record and be active in extra curricular activities;
d. has gained admission into an approved local college or university for a professional or vocational course.


Application Status: OPEN FOR APPLICATION
Closing Date: 31-Dec-2014
Application Form: Download the application form at ECM LIBRA Foundation Study Loan Application Form or visit ECM LIBRA Foundation WEBSITE

Extra Info:
The study loan is interest free and bond free and covers full tuition fees and cost of living expenses.

Completed application forms with all the required documents must be returned to the address stated below and marked either “Study Loan Application” or “Scholarship Application” at the top left-hand corner of an A4 size envelope. Short listed applicant will be notified either by email or mail:

The Executive Secretary
ECM Libra Foundation
2nd Floor, West Wing
Bangunan ECM Libra
8 Jalan Damansara Endah
Damansara Heights

Selection Interview
A shortlisted candidate is required to attend a selection interview in our office at a time and date to be determined by the Foundation. It is mandatory for the guarantor to attend the interview as well. Applicants are required to bring along all your original certificates as proof. After the interview and if the Foundation decides to offer the candidate a loan, both he or she and the guarantor are required to sign a Study Loan Agreement and Guarantor Agreement respectively with the Foundation.

1. Incomplete application form and those without all the required documents will be rejected.
2. All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email.
Repayment of the study loan commences six months after the student finishes the course of study or whenever he or she starts work, whichever is earlier. Therefore the onus is on the student to inform the Foundation of his or her status; ie when he or she finishes the course of study and begin to work. 
Repayment of the loan is over five years and we collect repayment on a yearly basis. The Foundation will send out formal documentation, informing the individual of the amount due and date of commencement of the repayment of the loan. Although the loan is interest free, the Foundation will charge interest as a penalty for any late payment. The interest rate will be stated in the Study Loan Agreement.