When is The Best Time to Start Applying for Scholarships in Malaysia?

When is the best time to start applying for scholarships in Malaysia? This is one of the most frequently asked question.

We have been providing free education and scholarships news for about 3 years now. The answer for this question is based on our 3 years observation.

Normally major scholarships offer for SPM leavers are aplenty during the months of January to April every year.

Some of these scholarships offer accept SPM trail results while some may require the actual SPM results as an important supporting document when applying for scholarship, which normally will be out by the end-March every year.

We found out that every year the number of scholarships offer is increasing. There are many new organizations and companies out there are offering scholarships opportunity for student.

This year we are expecting many more scholarships will be offered.

We will be updating this site from time-to-time as and when a new scholarships offer is out. Stay tuned with us.