Cosmopoint sweeps 3 medals in cooking competition

Kolej Cosmopoint Sabah KK2 swept 3 medals to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the 16th Sabah Hospitality Fiesta 2013cooking competition organized by the Malaysian Association of Hotels and Asian Tourism International College on October 27, 2013. They beat 24 other students from six colleges to win the prizes.

Harun Kiramang won the gold for his ‘Pan Fried with Chicken Stew’, Desmond Chin the silver for ‘Chicken with Stuffing,’ and Asleysstine Jupin the bronze for ‘Stuffed Chicken with BBQ Sauce.’ Another student Gary Gideon took the consolation prize for ‘Stuff Chicken with Shiitake Spinach and Mushroom.’ They participated in the category of Hot Cooking Black-box Apprentice / Students ( Class A05).

Under the watchful eyes of Chef Patrick Roy, the students completed their cuisine in 55 minutes starting at 2.30 p.m.

On the sidelines of the cooking contest, Chef Roy had this to say : “ I’m not worried about my students , I am very confident with their abilities and potential because they had already done enough training . I really hope they will make a better presentation because if they win, they will be offered to work in Kuala Lumpur with a good pay.”

Well indeed they performed well and Roy had full of praise for his students.“ I am proud of my students because they worked so hard and feel happy that this day is over,” he said.

cosmopoint sabah culinary arts

This contest started from 8.30 am till 5.30pm . Several other categories were featured among them Hot Practical Cooking comprising Commis-Demi By ( Class P08 ) , CDP Sous ( Class P09 )  and Apprentice / Student ( Class A05 ) including a Food and Beverage Nescafe Tarik Competition ( Class P06 ).

According to Roy after all participants had completed their course , they were directed to serve the food to the jury for evaluation and scoring.He admitted that he felt nervous and excited while waiting for the results.

This fiesta was initiated by students of Asian Tourism International College (formerly known as Asian Tourism Institute – ATI) under the supervision of lecturers in 1997, aimed at creating an enthusiastic spirit of competition among the tourism and hospitality industry players to showcase their talents in the respective fields and to expose the public to the high standards maintained in the industry.
The cooking competition was sponsored jointlyby the Ministry of Tourism , Culture and Environment Minister , Maggi , City Mall , Petronas , and Calsberg.

Well done cosmopoint KK2, chefs Roy and Harland, students  and other faculties who had contributed to their success! – by Fitriani Ramli Cosmopoint Sabah, Diploma in Journalism Student