INTI International University Scholarship For Student 2015

Apply INTI International University Scholarship 2014 now! If you are still looking for scholarship this could be the best opportunity for you. Read the scholarship brochure for more information about this scholarship.

About INTI Scholarship
INTI’s mission is to provide access to world-class education to all Malaysian students. To provide an opportunity for secondary school leavers to pursue their higher education, INTI International University & Colleges offers a range of scholarships and awards for deserving students. The INTI-Laureate Merit Award is for students with outstanding academic performance while those with strong leadership qualities and have been active in serving their schools and community can apply for The INTI X-cellence Scholarship. INTI International University & Colleges also provides opportunities to students who excel in sports under The INTI Sports Excellence Award. In line with the country’s objective of increasing access to higher education, INTI is proud to introduce The Chairman Award to assist qualified Bumiputra students in their pursuit of higher education.

Detailed description
In line with our mission to provide access to world-class education to all Malaysian students, INTI offers a range of scholarships and awards to deserving applicants.

Please visit the respective student services department for more information on our scholarship offers and other avenues of financial aid such as the PTPTN loan, study loans and more.

List of Scholarship
• INTI-Laureate Merit Scholarship
• INTI Leadership X-cellence Scholarship
• INTI Sports X-cellence Scholarship
• INTI Chairman Award
• INTI Secondary School Teacher Recognition Award
• INTI Family Loyalty Award
• INTI Progression Scholarship

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