Why Choose a Career in Accounting and Finance

Accounting and financial studies and qualification has become most need in Malaysia as Malaysian government is in the midst of improving their developments in social and economic aspects. You should sit down and list out all the pros and cons before you decide to go on taking this study. It is not in denial that accounting career is most needed and it pays well because in today’s situation, working environments speaks more on finance and it has become their language. This is just a brief explanation; I will discuss more on “Why choose a career in Accounting and Finance”?

The future of Career in Accounting and Finance

The question on  “Why choose a career in Accounting and Finance”, this is because by 2020, the prospect in accounting careers is expected to grow by 16% and 23% growth in finance job scopes. If you choose to be a financial accountant than u can get job in public or private sectors and you can also deepen and diversify your skills into governmental accounting, non-for-profit accounting, forensic accounting, or other specific fields. Accounting and finances is the one of the most diverse jobs because this job can offer you vacancies in many areas. For an example once you are qualified as an accountant, you can involve yourself and looking for jobs to be professionals and take up high level jobs around the world. Finance and accounting jobs is provides many opportunity as it does not only limit to one specific area or sectors but it is indeed needed everywhere, private sectors, public sectors and even government bodies needs people qualified with finance backgrounds.

Job opportunities in Accounting and Finance

Do you know that, being finance and accountants will give you an opportunity at the competitive edge in employment? Accounting and finance has always been considered as the language and basic tool of working environment, that’s the reason accounting and finance may be the best route to a successful career. It has always concerned itself with determining how a working environment runs. But over the last two decades, the field of accounting and finance has been changing dramatically in response to such explosive trends as the computer revolution, increased government regulations, frequent tax law changes, the globalization of business, and the on-going downsizing and restructuring of corporations.  In this increasingly complex and competitive working environment, accounting and finance skills are very much in demand and both of that has become a dynamic career. Thus, finance and accountants have shed their strong image to assume the more prestigious role of financial experts, system professionals, management consultants, budget analyst and others. The demand for accountants and finance appears to be growing and outstripping supply.  Today’s working climate job opportunities is better than ever for finance and accounting.

The trend of one of the most rewarding career in the world

Accounting and finances has become the best way to a successful route for people with finance and accounting backgrounds.  This qualification has become the language and a basic tool in the working environment. The drastic changes and the high demand is taking place in finance and accounting fields in past two decades as a the world is going with the trend in computer revolution, change in government regulations and frequent tax law changes and not leaving the changes in the globalization and restructuring of corporations. The world is looking at the competitive and complexity of the working environment, accounting and finance skills and this increases the demand in accounting jobs and it has proven to be a dynamic career. Financial experts, system professionals, management consultants and budget analyst has been pictured as a strong image  as a prestigious role in the finance and accounting roles.

The answers

Today, there are many graduates facing employments difficulties, this is because either they choose wrong studies with low demand or choose the courses which are not recognized. Studies have been made and the results show that, Malaysia needs more than 60,000 graduates with accounting talents to fill up the vacancy in accounting or finance side. This growth is the results from the expansion of local firms, corporations and companies who looking for professionals with accounting and finances backgrounds. It is also assured that the demand will always be high and companies will keep on looking for people with accounting and finances knowledge and experiences as it is essential and crucial for businesses. The most wanted and always on high demand jobs are as financial controllers, commercial finance managers, senior financial shared service centre professionals, CFOs, credit risk professionals, head of compliance, senior corporate credit approvers and analysts and Islamic product development managers. This demand is not only in Malaysia but it is said it is high demand worldwide and it is a global needs and wants.

Do you think you will accept a job which is offered with low salary in a low profile companies? It definitely is a big no and I’m sure everyone is looking for a better post with high paid job and you want to grow and advance in their career life to give and better future for the family and children. What you waiting for? The accounting and finance qualification gives you the opportunities that you are pining for and will answer your question “Why choose a career in Accounting and Finance. This is because this qualification gives you all the answers to your questions as accounting and finances is a strong tool to your dreams to live a comfortable life as it is higher paid job with future job growth and opportunities. There are several factors such as regional differences in wages but accounting and finance majors are placed into a very fortunate position that keeps options available to continue to grow unhindered from many circumstances that have impacted others.

Where to go from here?

Form the discussion above, I’m sure you were given some brainstorming and some ideas about accounting and finances and career. To succeed there is no one conclusion to have diploma or degree but it’s all how you coping, handling the situation and learning from all you have studies either by paper or experiences. The accounting and finance doors open in whatever environments and differs from one coast to another. Accounting and finance studies will help you and build you to be involved as a partner in an accounting and finance firm, to pursue a career in finance or corporate management, to work in government, or even to become an entrepreneur.

Accounting and finance qualification open a wider door for you to advance your opportunity into a wider range of working cycle. This is not the only benefits that you get from your qualification but you will actually find that this job is very rewarding, interesting and exciting. Besides that you will be able to travel around globe.