Easy Tips To Get Internship Job Offer in Malaysia

Internship is an opportunity and advantage for a student in applying a full time job especially in the area of IT, Finance, Audits and many more. In Malaysia there is much internship and many were directly recruited from the college or universities.

The right way students can know about an industry, its task, job and culture is through internship programs. Student should make a start by applying and joining the right internship as this can help build the future career. Application should be made considering all the whether it is giving you benefit and a good platform to form you in future.

It is a very important to get into a right internship. This can be done by exploring all the pros and cons of every internships available. Students need to spend time and explore all the different opportunity and career path that is available before submitting the application. Searching and getting information of a company can be done by exploring the net and exchanges of information with friends. Websites such as jobstreet, jobDB, monster and many more is one of the platforms where one can get information.

Keeping to deadlines is very important as many companies doesn’t not wait till the end of deadlines to close the application, they are scan through as and when applications comes in and will offer to the best and fill up the vacant position, so don’t wait send as early as possible.

One should consider all the skill and experiences they have from the extra curriculum activities or in the academic projects they involved in during their college or university life before applying for an internship as many does not have working experiences.

Applicant should be very well versed with what they applied as employers are very keen on people who can answer well and well equipped and the interest you show in the job. Just academic qualification is not enough for one to get an internship but one should express their aptitude for business and enthusiasm for the industry

Students should check out and explore y doing research on the internship job applied, what are the aspect of the job and the role. This is will indirectly show the employer that you are very keen on the job and you are enthusiastic about the job applied.

Being a motivated person will give the expression you are a strong character. This is because the frequent question an employer will raise is as follows:
• What do you think you would do as an [job role]?
• Describe the morning of a typical day as [job role]?

Employers/ recruiters are always keen on your understanding on the role you applied for and you should always keep in mind that you should always express your strengths, skills, competencies and personal attributes to be better than another candidates.

One should perform the best in the internship because this can benefit one in future where the exiting employer can recruit you as a full time staff or another company can hire you as they are so impressed with your outcomes and capabilities.

One should be occupied and make use of the opportunities to ask questions, to know better the function and the company, being friendly to all without  looking at who they are or what post they are, this in a way you are helping yourself to be known and be outstanding where when people like you and being with you, you can get higher chances in getting fulltime post once you graduate.

Another very important thing is you need to impress your bosses, HR, managers and all above you by performing well, staying late when needed, trying to explore other tasks and helping when needed and not just sitting for work to fall on your lap.