INSTEP Training as Technician in Oil and Gas Industry

If you are Malaysian citizen, still single and looking forward for a future career in Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry, INSTEP training as a technician in O&G Industry should be the best option for you. The O&G industry is experiencing rapid growth both locally and globally. At INSTEP, they train highly competent and skilled technicians to meet the growing needs of this industry. That is one of the strong reason why you should go for this opportunity.

If you are interested and qualified apply to INSTEP one (1) year Petroleum Technology Programme. This programme is designed to develop a wide range of core competencies and technical skills which will fast-track your career in the oil and gas industry. The programme is carried out at Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP), Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia.

The followings are the programme that being offered in this intake.
• Programme offered: Petroleum Technology
• Operational trade: laboratory, process, production
• Maintenance trade: electrical, instrumentation, mechanical
• Including industrial training assignment

Minimum Requirements
Read the following requirement carefully before applying. It is very important.
• Malaysian citizen and single
• Diploma holder in engineering or technical field from any institution recognised by the Malaysian government
• Not more than 30 years old on 1st January 2015
• Not colour blind and be medically fit to work in O&G sector
• Have SPM credit in Physics, Chemistry, Technical school-based subjects
• BMI not more than 30
• Priority will be given to those who are active in sports and leadership activities

How to apply
Follow the simple steps below to submit your application.
• Each application will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of RM10, payable to Petronas Technical Training Sdn Bhd (CIMB account number: 8006631956
• Get the pay slip number (CDM/CIMB Clicks/Counter) and log on to to apply and submit the application. Only completed application will be processed.

• Closing date is 09 October.
• For inquiries, call 09-668-6151/6011/6357