Can I Apply to Many Scholarships At The Same Time

This question probably one of frequently ask question (FAQ) for many student. Of course the answer is YES! In fact you should apply to as many scholarships as possible to increase your chance of getting one.

So if one rejected, you still have the chance of getting one from other scholarship provider.

Can I apply for scholarship after SPM exam?

One of the biggest mistakes that many students make is that they do not start applying for scholarships once they graduate from high school /SPM.  There are literally hundreds of scholarships from various organisations for students available out there. Some of these awards are only open to students who are already in college.  Some of the scholarship accepts SPM trail result as supporting document to apply for scholarship.

Could I for  a scholarship if I still don’t know which college or university I’m going to further my studies? 

Students can actually start the process of applying for scholarships as early as after SPM exam.  If you found/win a scholarship before you know which college or university you will attend, the scholarship organization will give you the funding after you decide where to go. It is important that students need not to wait until you are accepted into a college or university to apply for scholarships.