Taylor’s University Bumiputera Study Grant

Taylor’s University Bumiputera Study Grant is available this year for interested and qualified bumiputera students. We received the following notification email from Taylor’s University about this opportunity this morning, and we are happy to share this good news with you.

Bumiputera Study Grant

The Bumiputera Study Grant, aimed to help promising bumiputeras to start right. At Taylor’s, we want to see our Bumiputera graduates excel and lead inspiring careers and lives. The Bumiputera Study Grant is aimed at achieving that. We want to assist promising Bumiputera students to achieve greater heights – while harnessing their potential – all by first equipping them with essential skill sets.

Don’t end up as a graduate trapped in a low paying job – get ahead and maximise your true potential; Start Right with Taylor’s.

If you are a Bumiputera student and worry about graduating with a low paying job, you are not alone. Don’t let this happen to you. Check out our Bumiputera Study Grant, helping Bumiputera to start right.

Are you Truly Prepared for your Future? We can help you out.

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For more information visit Taylor’s University Bumiputera Study Grant.