3 Good Reasons Why Students Should Blog

When I was 12 years old I was so into writing that my dream was to write a novel one day.  I started to write in an exercise book.  Whenever we had free time at school I would write essays of any general title I could think of that day.

Then one day my friend saw it and said that she wanted to write too. So I gave her the book and she started to write a one-page essay. We would then read each other essays and sometimes make correction on any grammatical error and sometimes laughed about the silly things we wrote. And so that’s how it started.

I would then pass it to all my friends so that they can write too. The front page would be a list of general title which my friends can choose and it would be the title of their essay. It was fun and I wish I still had those books around….so that I can recall back the mind of 12 years old and probably laugh about it too.

You may say that the book were some kind of a personal diary for me and my friends cause it include our experiences and thought or feelings. And I believe all the essays in that book provide me with the amazing insights of who we are as a student and as a person overall.

I think everyone should write! Be it your personal journal or anything you would like to write. And I personally think for a student writing is important as it will benefit you for the rest of your lives!

You may want to write and define your life these days as a student. Is it exciting or just meaningless? Are you happy or sad? Jot down your feelings and when you read back you may get the strength to make whatever changes in your life as a student.

And so here comes the role of blogging. Since blogs have gain popularity these few years in the Malaysian community, you should start a blog and join the bloggers’ community. It’s easy, more fun than just writing in your diary and it can be rewarding for you as a student and as a person. And here’s why….

1. Expand your network in the bloggers’ community
Blogs are effective relationship builders. Within the blogging world you can link with other readers of other blog.

You can post entries in your blog about something you are interested in. Most popular blog are from personal diaries and do-it-yourself guides. Start interacting with other bloggers by visiting blog with similar interests and leave comments (a feature that is not available when you just write in your own personal diary!).

By leaving comments you are engaging with other readers and when they reply back (or read your blog)….tadaa!!…you just made a friend (or what we call audience in the blogosphere)! How fun and simple is that?

2. It’s a training
If you like to write this can be a practice for you. But if you don’t like to write it’s still a practice for you. Even if you don’t want a career in anything related to journalism, it will still benefit and improve your writing skills. Think about all those essays and assignments that require painstaking editing! Every article you write, edit and publish is a practice! It helps you to become a better writer.

3. You can make money from your blog!

Getting paid for a blog post may seem like quite impossible or far-fetched. How the heck did you get money from just writing about things that just happen in your life?! The answer is careful thought out topic and hard work. Some people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing in a blog (or sold their blogs).

Your blog should be about something you are passionate about. And when you write something you are passionate about you tend to put your heart and soul to it and personally I think that’s what makes a quality content. But the content alone won’t make you money. Instead, you’ll have to get advertisers to advertise their products in your blog or use affiliate marketing to get percent of sales from links people click on your blog.

But before you can get advertisers, your blog should have traffic (number of visitors). The more traffic you get the more popular your blog are. When you own a successful blog, the advertisers will come flocking at your blog and soon enough, money will start to rolls into your bank account.

Such a nice thought isn’t? Then, what are you waiting for? Make a commitment by starting your own blog today.