IJM Integrated Graduate Programme For Graduates

IJM Integrated Graduate Programme. Students who are interested to do Intergrated Graduate Programme with IJM are invited to write-in to apply.

Who knows you will be offered a job with IJM after your internship programme with IJM. So while you are with them, do your best to perform in all tasks given to you.

Read on for more on IJM internship programme for students. This is one of the best internship programme in Malaysia for graduates.
There is a structured Integrated Graduate Programme that caters for the young talent.

How to apply
Undergraduates who intend to gain on-the-job experience and an insight of our culture can apply to participate in our Internship Programme. This is a 2 – 6 months programme with exposure across different functions within the division, giving the interns an overall understanding of the field of operations. To apply or enquire, do write to us at training@ijm.com.

For fresh graduates who have the desire to excel and grow with us, there is a 12 – 24 months integrated graduate programme in place to develop young talent. This programme involves holistic rotations that span across different functions in the business and corporate divisions; coupled with the relevant soft skills development. Upon completion of the programme, final placement will be identified to achieve the optimal job-interest match. IJM Scholars will also be exposed to this integrated graduate programme that helps to build a strong foundation of their formative years in their career.

For further information on the Integrated Graduate Programme, do write to us at hr@ijm.com.

Note: For more up-to-date and accurate information you are advised to contact IJM or visit their official website at IJM Online