Semakan Status Penghantaran Pos Laju Malaysia Dengan Mudah

Semakan status penghantaran bungkusan Pos Laju Malaysia. Have you ever sent any parcels/shipments with Post Laju Malaysia? How to check the status of your shipment with Pos Laju?

If you do, they will give you the tracking code.

The question in our mind would be “What is the status of my shipment?”

Pos Laju Tracking Number Check Online

That is when the tracking code become useful. That tracking code can be use to check tracking status of your parcel whether or not it is already delivered or otherwise.

So how to check your the status of your shipment?

Actually, you can do the tracking online. No need to call Pos Laju costumer services or anything.

Simple, click

After that key-in (type) your tracking code into the box as shown in the photo below and hit (click) the word TRACK below the square box.

The system will check the status of your shipments. Isn’t easy?