Is Malaysia Still A Popular Education Destination For International Students?

The higher education business sector in Malaysia has enjoyed a steady progress in the course of the most recent 10 years. There has been a constant increase in the quantity of international students coming to study here in Malaysia. In 2004, there were around 32,000 international students studying in Malaysia. Quick forward to 2014 and the number has increase three-fold to more than 107,000.

In light of the most recent information from the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Malaysia is the ninth international students recruiter in the world. International students from Asia and Africa make up the biggest quantities of international students  in Malaysia with Iran, Indonesia, China, Nigeria and Yemen sending the most students to this nation.

Among the international students studying all over in Malaysia, around 70% (75,000) are learning at private higher learning (HLIs) and 30% (32,840) at state funded colleges or universities. Out of the total number of 107,840 international students, 80,030 are studying a college degree and the remaining number 27,810 are seeking after postgraduate studies.

In Malaysia, international students make up just about 10% of the students population at HLIs. The Ministry reports that there are 1.2 million students learning at HLIs – here’s a breakdown of how where the students are studying:

a. Public Universities – 560,000 students
b. Private universities, university colleges and colleges – 485,000 students
c. Polytechnics – 90,000 students
d. Community colleges – 22,000 students

Based on data from Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, there are 20 public universities, 33 polytechnics, 34 private university colleges, 91 community colleges, 410 private colleges and 70 private universities in Malaysia.