Permohonan Kemasukan GiatMara Online

Permohonan Kemasukan GiatMara Online is now open. If you are interested to take up various programmes in part-time or fulltime you are encouraged to apply. The followings are some info about GiatMara intake.

Please read them carefully for more info before submitting your application online

Permohonan Kemasukan GIATMARA (FULLTIME)

If you are interested please visit

Permohonan Kemasukan GIATMARA (PART-TIME)

If you are interested with part-time courses with GIATMARA please visit the nearest GIATMARA training centre to get the application form. Complete the form and submit it.

Panduan permohonan kemasukan Giatmara online

GIATMARA List of Courses

Check out the list of courses at

Where is the nearest GIATMARA in your area?

Check out the nearest GIATMARA Training Center in your hometown at

If you need more information about this, check out our previous post about Permohonan Kemasukan GIATMARA.