Tourist Guide Course In Malaysia

Are you looking for a tourist guide course in Malaysia? Tourist guide course in Malaysia is available in many colleges throughout the country. It is also available at Travex International College in Kuala Lumpur. Tourism is a booming industry and there are still huge potential and it is still not fully developed in Malaysia.

In fact we are far behind Thailand. We need to reach a stage where everyone is talking, thinking and participating in this yet to reach its full potential tourism industry in Malaysia.

You can participate in many ways. One of it is taking up a career as tourist guide. That is also the
reason why tourist guide course in Malaysia is being offered in many colleges in Malaysia. We are still in a great need for many qualified tourist guides for our tourism industry.

Here are one of them who offered tourist guide course in Malaysia. It is Travex International College.

‘Malaysia No. 1’ In Tourist Guide Training 

Travex International College management team and all their senior lecturers and trainers have more than 30 years of education and skills training experience.  Their team has been the pioneer in developing the travel agency operations and the international air fares reservations and ticketing courses.  This was way back in 1985 where Travex has set its first step in producing young professionals for the travel and tourism industry.

Travex Institute of Tourism was the leading travel and tourism school registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.  In 1998, Travex International College was established to upgrade its academic business focusing in the ‘NICHE’ tourism education.
The courses offered covered hotel management, international travel and tourism, airline cabin crew, Summer School (Vacation English), English and Korean Language and the tourist guide course and skills training.

Travex International College as Local Coordinator for International Air Transport Association (IATA) can provide information on IATA distant learning hotel and travel courses. TRAVEX team being the longest experience in training tourist guides in Malaysia has reached its  remarkable achievement in obtaining the 5-STAR JPK Award 2013 in Tourist Guides skills training.   

TRAVEX has also produced the ‘TOP’ IATA student in Malaysia in December 2012.  Such great achievements have proven TRAVEX to sustain as a leader in tourism education for the travel and tourism industry in Malaysia.  Top tourism industry leaders and entrepreneurs have been produced.  Graduates are 100% employment after completion of the course and the TRAVEX graduates employment rate takes up a high percentage of human capital in the tourism industry.  Many graduates are working in countries such as America, Macau, Singapore, Mongolia, United Kingdom, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Iran, etc. 

Being involved in the blooming tourism industry where everyone can travel now, the challenges and objective of the TRAVEX  team is to give greater support to the Malaysian government and the tourism industry in producing the most qualified tourism professionals.  TRAVEX team has moved into the hotel and airline industry training as there is a big demand for hotel, cruise staff and the airline flight attendants. The world airlines is facing the shortage of airline flight attendants.   

The tourist guide and airline flight attendant jobs are two of the highest income profession for any SPM leavers.  At TRAVEX, there is endless opportunities because one course can provide vast employment opportunities for the graduates.  Retirees have no worries now.  They can sign up for the tourist guide course; obtain the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia Tourist Guide badge and opt for the best job after the retirement age.  Graduates in hotel and tourism can enjoy extensive free travel when they work as tourist guides and as overseas tour leaders.  

Scholarship is available for SPM/SPVM/UEC graduates where special reduced fee for retirees, hotel and travel industry staff.  Intakes:  04 & 16 May 2015.  Working adults are encouraged.  Please contact Travex International College, No 161 Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. Website:; Tel: 603 -20722673; Email: or –source:

If you are someone who loves to travel, interact with many people then the job as tour guide is probably one of the best option for you. It is  much easier now that tourist guide course in Malaysia is widely available in many colleges.

If you do it right, it is also a great opportunity to collect all the travel destination local or overseas information, learn the trade and eventually setup your own travel agency.

Starting out as a tourist guide, you have the opportunity to know all the travel companies local or overseas, getting to know many other tourist guides and build up a clientele database for your future own business.

If you are thinking about taking up tourist guide course in Malaysia, you may contact the college mentioned above or any colleges in your area.