Free Tuition Classes SPM 2015

Free tuition classes SPM 2015|Many parents cannot afford to send their children to tuition centers as the lowest cost for one subject is RM60.

Umno Youth’s Bureau of Urban Affairs and Housing (Help) in collaboration with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Golf Foundation (TSM) organized a charity golf tournament to raise funds to finance the Free Tuition Program (Help Tuition) specifically for students who will sit for the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM ) this year.

Last year the Help Bureau managed to organize a similar free tuition classes for SPM students, helping 4,400 SPM students from underprivileged backgrounds.

The free tuition classes spm 2015 will focus particularly on students with a moderate level of academic achievement and family who can not afford the increased cost of living these days.

This year, free tuition classes spm 2015 in collaboration with Mara Education Foundation (YPM) is extended to 100 constituency, starting since June 1 and will continue until the SPM 2015 ends.