Is UniSZA Bachelor of Law Recognised?

Is UniSZA Bachelor of Law Recognised? This important question has been asked by many and for a long time now. It seems that there are some still questioning about it. Just recently UniSZA management have said something about the issue.

But before we go further let take a look at some bacground info about UniSZA Bachelor of Law (LLB UniSZA)

UniSZA Bachelor of Law (LLB UniSZA)

The Bachelor of Law with Honours (LLB Hons.) was first offered in July 2006/2007 Academic. Session under School of General Studies, Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin (KUSZA) after obtaining the approval from the Ministry of Higher Education in March 2006.

When the Faculty of Law and International Relations (FUHA) was established a year later, the programme was transferred to and run by FUHA. The programme has been recognised by Public Service Department of Malaysia since 21 July 2009 and also been accredited by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) since 26 July 2010.

Effective on 8 March 2013, the programme was given provisional recognition by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB) that requires graduates to pass the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) examination before commencing their chambering to become advocates and solicitors.

UniSZA’s Press Statement

In a recent press statement, UniSZA’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and International Issues, Prof Dr. Mahadzirah Mohamad said that the matter should not arise and was inaccurate as their law students undergoing the UniSZA’s LLB program has received approval from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education (MOE) on March 10, 2006.

“This program has also been recognized by the Public Services Department (JPA) on 21 July 2009 and received full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) on July 26, 2010.”

“Based on this recognition, UniSZA LLB graduates are on par with graduates of other degrees and positions in the public and private sectors with the exception of the position of advocates and solicitors,” she said at a press conference on Monday.

Mahadzirah said the UniSZA LLB programme had also received temporary recognition from the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LKPU) on Nov 7, 2013.

So is it recognized?

Going by what she have said, there should be no more question on this issue. If you still have some question about this issue contact the university directly for more details.