Mandatory Salary Deduction For Civil Servants Who Have PTPTN Loans

Mandatory salary deductions for civil servants who have PTPTN loans. Paying your PTPTN loan is very important. Others need this facility too and if you are not paying, you are being unfair to them.

So starting september 2015 civil servants who have PTPTN loan will face a mandatory salary deduction. This is a good move by PTPTN and PSD to recover the money back so it can be used by other students.

According to Public Services Department (PSD), nearly 500 officers and staffs have been notified through official letter from the department.

“We have identified 480 borrowers and have arranged PTPTN officers to sort out their payment according to their affordability, said director-general Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal.

A counselling session will be given and conducted by each respective ministry to explain the mandatory salary deduction.

Now our next worry is how to recover the PTPTN money from those who are still jobless? The government have to work hard to solve the increasing unemployment figures in Malaysia.