Sarawak Energy Internship Program For Students

Sarawak Energy internship programs for students are available for those who are interested and qualified. It is open every year for students. Successful applicants will be station at various Sarawak Energy Berhad offices in Sarawak.

So why internship is important

Some students asked, why internship is important? There are many very good reasons why internship is important or it is actually a MUST do for all students. If there is opportunity for internship you should go for it. It seems that students with internship experiences will be able to secure or find a job easier.

The followings are some very good reason why internship is important to you.

Besides getting a foot in the door with a potential employer and looking good on a resume, internships have other advantages:
a. The opportunity to “test drive” a career (Would I be happier in marketing or advertising? Am I more comfortable working with patients or in a lab?)
b. Chances to network
c. Establishing relationships with mentors
d. Possible college credit or certification
e. An introduction to the field’s culture and etiquette (Are clients addressed by their first name? Are jeans appropriate for Casual Friday?)
f. Accumulating new skills
g. Gaining a “real world” perspective on an occupation (How much overtime do employees really work? How much time is spent behind a desk versus in the field?)

Surely there are many more other advantages of internship program for students but the above are some of the most important one.

Sarawak Energy Internship Program

Sarawak Energy offers training for students in their tertiary studies who are interested to have their Industrial Training in Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB).

However you should contact them before sending in your application for Sarawak Energy internship program. Sometimes the quota is full and already closed.

The followings are the list of fields available with Sarawak Energy internship program.

1. Electrical Engineering
Note : Student will be attached at Kuching, HQ, Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang.

2. Mechanical Engineering
Note : Student will normally be attached at Sg. Biawak P/S Kuching, Btg. Ai Hydroelectric Sri Aman, Bintulu, Mukah and Miri
* For Mechanical students our stations such as Kapit, Limbang, Lawas are the alternatives if they are from the areas.

3. Information Technology
Note : Only available at our HQ – Menara Sarawak Energy at The Isthmus.

4. Human Resource Management
Note : Only available at our HQ – Menara Sarawak Energy at The Isthmus.

Note: Sarawak Energy does not provide accommodation, and all expenses will be borne by the student. You will only receive a monthly allowance of RM200.

For further details, please contact

En. Benjamin Lim (Mgr. Competency Training Division)
Phone: 082-309430

En. James Lipin – Sr Clerk (CTD)
Phone: 082-309443

SESCO Training Centre,
Jalan Belian,
Sg. Biawak, Pending,
93450 Kuching, Sarawak.
Or email us at:

For more and up-to-date info about Sarawak Energy Internship, contact them directly.