Easy Way To Learn English. (You Don’t Have To Go For Class!)

Easy Way To Learn English! Wherever we go nowadays, we would always find ourselves some English language. It is undeniable that English itself plays a very important role in our everyday life. From listening to radios, smart phones instructions, sign boards – and even the waiter taking order at the restaurant. English is very simple and easy as taking candy from a baby.

But what about those who are not familiar with English language?

Easy to learn English language without attending class
Is it easy to learn English Language?

Those who are not born in a society that doesn’t speaks English that much? Or those who are not fortunate enough to get the opportunity to learn English, properly? Worry not, for this entry, I’m going to share few tips that might just be helpful for all of you guys out there who wanted to improve or even learn English Language.

1. Best friend forever a.k.a. BFF = Dictionary

I know this 1st point sounds very cliché; but yes – for any beginner level learner who wants to indulge themselves in the English language, it is a MUST to keep the dictionary to yourself.

For starters, you may use the dual language dictionary (in this case, English – Malay).

But from time to time, as you feel that you vocabs coverage is getting better- switch the dual language dictionary into ONLY ENGLISH dictionary or THESAURUS.

2. Listen to English songs
Any genre would do – as long as it is in English. If possible, find the lyrics and translate them.

Here’s the time where your dictionary comes in use.

Try to translate or comprehend the lyrics of the song. While doing the translating and comprehending, do sing along and have fun!

3. Create your own ‘Phonetics Book’

Easy to learn English with ‘Phonetics Book’. Phonetics Book (PB) is used to improve not only your vocab but also your pronunciation.

First, listen well to how a certain word is being correctly pronounced.

Then, in your PB, write how to pronounce the word in your own language – as long as it sounded the same.

4. Movies, movies and movies!
Whoever said movie is bad for English learner, definitely has never tried to use this activity to learn English in a fun way!

When it comes to learning English through movies, all you have to do is to make sure it is an English movie (of course) and the subtitles must be in English language as well.

At the same time, try to mimic the way the talk or pronounce certain things.

Imitating the way of the native English speakers speak always works! You might be surprise if your English level turns out to be exactly like native speaker, one day!

5. Random English chat online

The most popular and easy to learn English with ‘Chat Online’. Most of us love chatting. Therefore, this is the time to use it in helping to improve our English language usage.

Go online and search for any random, decent web page for chatting – do find the ones in English, of course.

If you’re lucky, you might end up chatting with the native English speaker! The more you chat and uses English language, the better you English becomes.

6. Install English Language application on your smartphones

Easy to learn English language with smartphones application. I believe almost most of us are using smartphones.

Rather than just using them for texting and calling and taking photos – try installing some English based application that helps you to improve your English language with a tip of your finger.

I recommend these two top applications : Meriam Webster Dictionary(they give your more direct and easily understood explaination on any word; as well as giving the thesaurus) & Dictionary.com(gives you ‘Word of The Day’, literally EVERYDAY and those words might seems alien to you –but yes, that way you get to improve your vocabulary in English language.

So, there you go! Just remember, in order to learn English, you don’t have to be in a formal classroom with a proper certified English teacher (if you can afford to have one, it’ll better).
Informal learning also works nowadays. The more fun you have in learning, the more indulged you are in English language.

No more excuse of not be able to learn English with all the advanced technology that we have at this era. It is easy to learn English Language.