Now international students can apply for online pass in Malaysia

Application for passes online can now be done by international students through the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

apply student pass online in malaysia
Smoother admission process

Datuk Seri DrZainiUjang, Higher Education Ministry secretary-general,has said that the approval was granted by the Cabinet in order to simplify the admission processes for international students who are studying in Malaysia.

This is consistent with the efforts in making the country a global center for higher education.

According to Dr. Zaini, the provided facilities applies to all higher learning institutions in West Malaysia, which will be effective starting on the 15th of March.

Terms and conditions

He also mentioned that the length of expiry of the international student issued pass was in accordance with the duration of study set by the Department of Higher Education, Department of Polytechnic Education and Community College Education Department.

apply your student pass online in Malaysia

Submit your application for student pass at

Compliance with several conditions which included pursuing a full-time course based on the level specified in the Malaysian Qualification Framework is mandatory for the international students.

“For new applications, students must get an offer letter from the institution and must apply for, or have a valid passport,” he said.

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According to him, the existing students are given student passes in accordance to the statements in their offer letter and are subject to the validity of the passport or travel document.