How to support your son or daughter during their exams?

Examinations are the source of stress for many kids due to the pressure and expectations built around them. Make your kids feel relaxed and stress free so that he can deliver his best in school examination.

Whether it’s an A-grader or an average student, exams are a stressful event for most of the students. Or you can say that exam stress is an unavoidable part of student life. After months of hard work, success or failure is determined by few short tests. Students carry the burden of expectations of parents and teachers to do well.

how to support your son or daughter during exam

They have fear that they will disappoint their parents and teachers if they will get bad grades. Some students thrive under pressure and achieve success in exams, but for other, stress and fear of failure can be overwhelming.

Therefore, you as a parent should help your kids deal with the exam stress so that they give their best output in examination:

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations:

Obviously, you are expecting good grades from your kids. But have you ever thought how real your expectations are? If your kid has been getting between C or B grades, it doesn’t make sense to think that he will make it to the A graders.

Therefore, it is important to set realistic goals for them. You will have to understand your kid’s strength, focus, interest and weaknesses. Encourage them and let them know that is normal to feel nervous. Your support and compassion will motivate them to perform well.

Tell Them to Take Break:

When exams are round the corner, most parents restrict their kids from watching TV, using phones, playing games or meeting friends. They think that such things can divert kid’s attention from the exam preparation.

Instead, taking a break from the study can improve their focus and learning ability. This is because studying for an hour or two at a stretch exhaust them both mentally and physically. And it is not easy for them to continue with a weary mind.

This is why a break of few minutes not only refreshes them up, but also improves their concentration and learning ability. Playing outside and hanging out with the friends is a great aid in stress relief and managing the anxiety. So, set a time aside for play and social activities and make sure they stick to it.

Talk to Them:

Take interest in your child’s study. Ask them how their revision is going or if they need help. If they are feeling low or taken down by exam stress, then offer your advice and encouragement. But your conversation shouldn’t sound as if you are interrogating them.

Encourage the Use of Breathing Exercises and Meditation:

Tell them to perform meditation and some breathing exercises when they feel overly stressed. Meditating for 10 minutes a day can really help with stress levels. On the other hand, breathing techniques help them achieve relaxation as they release oxygen through the bloodstream.

So these are the things you can do to help your kids cope with exam stress.

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