A*STAR Scholarship for International Students Applicant Portal

A*STAR Scholarship for International Students. Peluang biasiswa jika anda berminat untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Singapora. Singapore A*STAR Scholarship ditawarkan kepada mereka yang berminat dan layak.

Selain dari biasiswa A*STAR scholarship, terdapat juga berberapa biasiswa-biasiswa lain yang ditawarkan oleh kerajaan Singapore antaranya Singapore Govt Scholarship dan juga ASEAN Scholarship.

Keterangan Ringkas Mengenai A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship adalah seperti di bawah:

A*STAR scholarship for international students applicant portal

Singapore A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship

AUS supports bright individuals with a keen interest in research for a Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering at the National University of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Upon graduation, scholars have the flexibility to pursue their PhD studies locally or abroad on A*STAR or other university scholarships. Scholars can look forward to research attachments at A*STAR’s Research Institutes with state-of-the-art facilities and be part of A*STAR’s community of diverse and renowned scientists and researchers.


(i) Entry point with ‘A’ Levels/ IB/ NUSHS Diploma:
For candidates on GCE ‘A’ Level syllabus
* Candidates must offer 11 units or more
* Attained As in three H2 Science or Mathematics subjects
* Preferably a merit in one H3 Science or Mathematics subject

For candidates on International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus
* Obtained at least 39 points including 6,7,7 in higher level for Science and Mathematics subjects(exception will be made if candidate took Further Mathematics)
* Attained at least 1 bonus point for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge
For candidates from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
* Attained subject CAP of 3.60 and above, majoring in at least 3 of the following subjects:
o Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (one of which must be with Honours)
* Graded at least merit for their final year research project.

(ii) Entry point at Year 2, 3, 4 at NUS/NTU
* Incumbent students at NUS/NTU will apply for AUS through their respective universities.
* Candidates should obtain a minimum CAP score/ cum GPA of 4.5 for the academic year in which they apply.

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