Sin Chew Daily Scholarship And Interview Questions

Sin Chew Daily scholarship and interview questions and tips for qualified and interested Malaysian students. This scholarship fund is collaborating with a few participating universities which you can check out on Sin Chew Daily’s website.

Sin Chew Daily Info

Sin Chew Daily, formerly known as Sin Chew Jit Poh, is a leading Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia. According to report from the Audit Bureau of Circulation for the period ending 31 December 2011, Sin Chew Daily has an average daily circulation of almost 500,000 copies and also the largest-selling Chinese-language newspaper outside Greater China. It is only on Sundays that the circulation of the Malay language (national language of Malaysia) papers exceeds that of Sin Chew Daily.


1. Applicants must be Malaysian citizens below 26 years of age.
2. Must possess good results in SPM / A-Level / STPM / UEC or other equivalent qualifications.
3. Must be active in sports and extra-curricular activities.
4. Must not be bonded or in receipt of any financial aid or rewards from other educational organizations or institutions.
5. Must produce original copies of the examination results and all other relevant documents during the interview.
6. Must meet the minimum requirement set by the Colleges / Universities in order to be qualified for selection.

Preferred discipline at participating universities and colleges

A. Asia Pacific University & Technology & Innovation (APU)
• BA in Business Management
• BS in Information Technology
• BA in Media Marketing

B. Berjaya University College of Hospitality
• Diploma in Business Management
• Diploma in Patisserie
• Bachelor of Business Management
• Bachelor of Hospitality Management
C. Brickfields Asia College
• Cambridge A-levels

D. DASEIN Academy of Art
• Diploma in Graphic Design/Illustration/Fine Art/Mass Communication/Digital Media

E. Erican College
• Diploma in Business Administration/Mass Communication/Tourism Management/Interior Design/Graphic Design/Accounting/Information Technology/Psychology

F. Han Chiang College
• Diploma in Mass Communication/Broadcast Journalism/ Business Management/Accounting/Logistic Management/Multimedia Communication Design/Chinese Studies

G. Help University
• Bachelor of Business/Human Resource Management/Accounting/International Business/Finance/Marketing//Hospitality Management/Tourism Management/Economics/Public Relations/Media Studies/Marketing Communication/Psychology/IT/Mobile Computing/Games & Interactive Media/Information Management/Early Childhood Education

H. Imperia Institute of Technology
• Surveying & Cost Management
• BS in Real Estate Management

I. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
• Bachelor in Civil Engineering/Communications/Economics and Finance/Multimedia/Architecture

J. International Medical College
• Diploma in Nursing (Subang Jaya and Ayer Keroh campus)

K. KBU University College
• Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management/Mass Communication/Electronic Engineering/Mechatronics/IT/Interactive Design/
• Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
• BS in Accounting and Finance
• BA in Graphic Design

Refer to a complete list HERE

Sin chew daily scholarship and interview questions and tips


Depends on the selected universities and colleges available on Sin Chew Daily’s website.

How to apply

a. Register as a member through Sin Chew Daily Education Fund’s online registration HERE.

sin chew daily scholarship and interview questions and tips

b. After successfully registering as member, log in to the online application through their website.
c. Fill in your details and print out the online application form (1 page) and the application form (13 pages).
d. Fill in the application form and attach the online application form and other relevant documents together.
e. Post your application packet to;

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund
Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad
19 Jln Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Application Deadline
For Online: 10th day after the announcement of STPM/ SPM Results
For Posting: 14th day after the announcement of STPM/ SPM Results
Refer to Sin Chew Daily for the latest deadline.

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Sin Chew Daily scholarship interview questions

So, here are some tips for your interview and the questions asked.
First, when you entered the room, greet the interviewer with smile, show your confidence.

In the conclusion of my interview, Sin Chew scholarship is more focused for those students with no-so-good family background but good academic result and active in extra-curricular activities. The Star scholarship for those with good academic result and active in extra-curricular activities.

The first question they asked was about your family background.
Tell them honestly and it works better if you can express the story yourself.
e.g your parents’ job, salary, financial dependent, your sibling->how old and study/work

After that, they will ask why do you choose this course
Answer this question with passion, plus with logic and mature thought. Give about 3-4 reasons, shows that you really like this course ( don’t give a answer as very good paid in future, do you really study for money only?)

Third, they will ask if you can’t get this particular scholarship, what will you do?
So, now they test your determiation, will you keep persuing your dream even facing obstacles.

Plus, they will ask whether you have applied other scholarship as well.
Answer this honestly, because you may have the same interviewer if you really had apply other scholarships in the same university.

They will also ask some questions based on your answer for the above questions, that one I can’t really help you guys, but, i can give you some tips
1) Do not panic! I know it is really difficult to calm down especially if it is the first interview in your lifetime. But, try to be looked not that nervous.
2) Try not to stop and thinking how to answer too long
3) Be optimistic in answering the questions

The interview takes around 15 mins, try to talk more, as it is the time for them to further know you.

Should you need more infor about this Sin Chew Daily scholarship please contact the scholarship provider directly.