AirAsia Aviation Academy In Malaysia

AirAsia will start an aviation academy very soon in Malaysia. This is a very good news to those who are interested to work in aviation industry.

Since our previous post about AirAsia Pilot Trainning Programme was so popular, we decided to post some updates and additional information here.

AirAsia and the Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE) launches the Asian Aviation Academy with a joint venture of RM200 million.

The academy will train pilots, cabin crew, maintenance workers and ground personnel for airlines in the Asean region.

Estimated that some 12,000 pilots are expected to be trained every year, with a gradual increase for each passing year.

Students who are interested to work in aviation industry should enroll in this AirAsia Pilot Training School in Malaysia

Pilot training programmes started since 1st July 2011, while non-pilot training  programmes  on the 1st October 2011.

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Six CAE-built full-flight stimulators will be available at the academy including four for the Airbus A320 and one each for the A330/340 and Boeing 737 Classic