Al-Azhar University Entry Exam and Foundation Course in Malaysia

Al-Azhar University is one of the most respected and sought after university in the world. Many Malaysian students are looking for an opportunity to study in this university. If you are hoping to study in Al-Azhar University you can now sit for their entrance examination and enroll into their foundation course locally in Malaysia instead of having to travel to Egypt to do it.  This will save the time and cost.

The Sofa Foundation is Al-Azhar University’s representative in Malaysia to manage the foundation and examinations here. This move will help students save money as they would now only need to travel to Cairo, Egypt if they’ve been accepted into the university. This is a very good things and you should take this opportunity.

The Sofa Foundation have planned the entrance examination to be held at the Royale Chulan Hotel from the 6th to 8th of September with the help of invigilators from Al-Azhar University. Students will be informed of their results two days after the exam.
The entrance exam is open to 200 candidates daily and costs RM380 a person. Unsuccessful candidates of the entrance exam could attend a 10-month foundation course at the Al-Azhar Foundation Centre in Petaling Jaya.
The course would focus on Arabic competency and other subjects based on Al-Azhar’s syllabus. Those who complete the course would be given a certificate which qualifies them to enter the university.
There are currently 7,000 Malaysian students enrolled at Al-Azhar University.

For more information, click here or call 019 – 3842 032 / 019 – 6072 093