Borang Permohonan Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih GSTT -Temporary Teacher Application Form

Borang Permohonan Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) or Temporary Teacher  form is available online. Career in teaching is one of the most popular and sought after career in Malaysia. Every year thousands of graduates are coming out from both private and public higher learning institutes in Malaysia. Many of them are interested to start a career as a teacher or works as a temporary teacher while waiting for a better and suitable permanent job related to their field of studies in university or college.

Not so long ago the Ministry of Education, Malaysia announced in the newspaper that Khidmat Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) Diteruskan. That is indeed a great news!

GSTT teaching job seems to be the best option. Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) teachers are still greatly needed to teach in many government funded schools in Malaysia especially in the interior of Sabah and Sarawak. It is because many well-trained or experienced teachers are not willing to go there to teach due to the problem of accessibility and connectivity.
work or job as a temporary teacher and permanent job

If you are looking for Borang Permohonan Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) application form you can download it here. Check out the link below to download the form

GSTT Application Form

Download Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) application form

You can download and print out the form. Printing with color printer recommended.

We are not sure (we will check and update it here) whether the post of Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih (GSTT) is still open and we are pretty sure that this job will still be available from time-to-time. For sure many schools in Sabah especially those schools in the rural area and islands in Sabah still need GSTT.

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We hope GSTT is still open this year.