Borang Permohonan Asrama 1MALAYSIA Online

The Ministry of Education, Malaysia is inviting interested Form 1, 2018 students to apply for special program at Asrama 1Malaysia for this year.

Successful candidates will be staying in a selected schools and Asrama 1Malaysia.

Untuk melihat rakyat Malaysia tinggal bersama dan berasa serasi antara satu sama lain pada peringkat sekolah, sekaligus akan memupuk perpaduan nasional – YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak

Read the followings for further information about this offer

1. Malaysian
2. Open to all students
3. Open to male-student only
4. Excellent UPSR result – 5A/&A or minimum of 4A 1B,
5. Active in co-curriculum
6. Applicant is not currently involved in any other program such as Projeck Sukan, Kelas Rancangan Khas (KRK) or Kelas Aliran Agama (KAA)
7. Family income level low or average.

Participating schools Program Asrama 1Malaysia

1. SMK Victoria, Kuala Lumpur
2. SMK Methodist, Kuala Lumpur
3. SMK St John, Kuala Lumpur

How to apply

1. Fill up the Borang Permohonan Ke Tingkatan 1, Asrama 1Malaysia 2018 Online
2. Form can be downloaded from Ministry of Education’s website BORANG PERMOHONAN TINGKATAN 1 ASRAMA 1MALAYSIA 2018 Online
3. Support/confirmation letter from school principal
4. Application must be supported with the following documents
* Birth certificate/Identity Card (My Card)
* Parent salary slip/income statement
* UPSR result
* Co-curriculum activities certificates

Submit your application before or on 8 December 2018

Further informationFor more information contact Bahagian Pengurusan Sekolah Harian at Aras 3&4, Block E2, Kompleks E, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62604 Putrajaya or call 03-8884 9433 / 03-8884 9342 (Fax)