Senarai Kedai Buku Terima 1Malaysia RM200 Book Vouchers

Hi people, we know many of you’ve already received 1Malaysia RM200 book vouchers. Now the problem is probably many of you don’t know where to use them.

They are thousands of book shops out there in Malaysia but not all of them will accept 1Malaysia RM200 book vouchers. Only selected bookshops will accept it.

The followings are the list of book shops that accepts your 1Malaysia Book Vouchers.

So you can use the RM200 book vouchers at:

1. POPULAR bookstores (Nationwide)
2. MPH Bookstore (Kuala Lumpur area)
3. Several other book shops (will be announced later)

We hope you will make a good use of the book vouchers, buy something related to your studies at school.