Students Brilliant Achievement ins South Australian Matriculation (SAM) 2011

Ong Lin Eow leaped for great joy when he received his South Australian Matriculation (SAM) 2011 results recently.

He attained Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 99.00, making him the top 1% of all SAM high flyers in the world in that examination.

The brilliant achiever was among the 17 DISTED students who were placed among the top 10% of all SAM achievers within and without Australia for attaining ATAR 90 and above.

The other high achievers included Teo Jia Yong (ATAR 97.05), Yew Chow Ping (ATAR 96.75) and Gan Ker Lynn (ATAR 95.55).

Ong attributed his par excellence achievement to hard work, parental encouragement and inspiration from his lecturers.
“There’s no short cut to academic success. Study consistently and do subject exercises regularly.

“Taking down own notes during lecture helps to consolidate my understanding of the lesson taught.

“To do well in SAM too requires putting in a lot of efforts for course assignments. I made the best use of the resources available in the college’s library and the internet as well as my own reading materials when completing the coursework,” he said.

“I’m thankful to my parents for motivating me to reach for greater heights in my studies.

“Having good and supportive lecturers too gave me the encouragement to strive harder to excel in SAM,” said Ong adding that he plans to pursue chemical engineering at Monash University Malaysia.

It is not all study and no play for Ong.

“To rejuvenate, I get immersed in internet games, play football and surf the cyber world,” he remarked. –