HELP SPM MERIT Scholarship is offered to SPM high achiever. The scholarship award is open to interested and qualified student to apply. The deadline for this scholarship is fast approaching. Read on for more information about this scholarship offer.

Scholarship Info    
Since its establishment in 1986, HELP has awarded many scholarships to encourage academically inclined Malaysian and international students who display leadership qualities to pursue tertiary education at the University. Many of these recipients have completed their courses and have embarked successfully on their careers.

These are the programmes available for this scholarship:
    HELP Foundation in Arts/ Foundation in Science Programme 2012
    HELP A-LEVEL Programme
    HELP American Degree Transfer Programme

Criteria – AT LEAST 5As in the SPM examinations

Preferred discipline:     Not specified

Amount awarded is according to results:

a. HELP Foundation in Arts/ Foundation in Science Programme 2012
        5A+/As : RM1,250
        6A+/As : RM1,500
        7A- : RM3,000
        8A- : RM7,000
        9A- : RM12,000
        9A+/As: RM17,600 (full scholarship)
b. HELP A-LEVEL Programme
        5A+/As: RM6,000
        6A+/As: RM8,000
        7-8A+/As: RM10,000
        9A+/As AND ABOVE: RM13,000
c. HELP American Degree Transfer Programme
        5As : RM1,500
        6As : RM3,000
        7As : RM5,000
        8As : RM7,000
        9As : RM9,000
        9A+ : RM10,000

How to apply
If you meet the minimum criteria stated, please:
a. Complete a HELP Scholarship Application Form and attach certified copies of your academic results.
b. New Students will submit the form and attachments to the Scholarships Officer in the Registry before the specified deadline.
c. New Students are required to submit a HELP Application Form to apply for the chosen programme and made the minimum payment of RM50 of the Student Application Fee.
d. For consideration by the Scholarship Committee in April and September of each year, scholarship applicant must be a registered student of HELP University College.
e. If you are a continuing student, submit the form to your Head of Department/ Manager who will endorse the application. The Head of Department/ Manager will then pass your form to the Scholarships Officer in the Registry.
f. Your form will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for consideration within 1 week of the closing date.

Contact Info    
Scholarships Officer, Registry Tel: 603 – 2094 2000 Fax: 603 – 20957100

Deadline :    30 April 2012