Top SPM scorers thrilled over news of awards

PETALING JAYA: News of bursaries and scholarships for top SPM students to pursue their tertiary studies have got them buzzing with excitement.

Oui Oun Oun was ecstatic to learn that she will be receiving a bursary after scoring 11A+ in her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) last year.

“I want to scream for joy! I have been busy studying for exams so this announcement has made my day,” said the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) student.

Oui, who was offered the UPM Agricultural Science Foundation programme, said this would enable her to pursue any Science degree in the varsity.

“But soon, I will have to make a choice to continue in UPM or start over in another pre-university programme under the bursary,” she said, adding that she would discuss it with her parents before deciding.
Another student Kyle Chan Wei Ren, who scored 10A+ in last year’s SPM, said the bursaries was a way of telling the students that “they have to be the best of the best”.

“It’s more of a motivation. I’m very excited over the scholarships,” he said.
Izzati Abdul Wahab, who obtained 4A+, 2A and 4A- in her SPM last year, said top students deserved the bursaries for the hard work they put into their studies. However, she said she would still apply for the scholarship.

Emylia Zurin Merican, who scored 9A+, said she was happy to learn about the bursaries.
“I am really happy because it is not easy to get the Public Service Department awards. I have worked very hard to get good results,” she said.

Siti Diana Mohd Daniel Jansz, who scored 8A+, said she was disappointed to learn that she would not qualify for the bursaries.

“I hope family background will be taken into account,” she said, adding that she was from a single parent family.

B. Jeetha also expressed disappointment that despite having scored 7A+, 2A and 1A-, she did not qualify for the bursary.

“My mother is a single parent and I really need a scholarship to ease her financial burden. I will still apply for a PSD scholarship in the hope that I will be considered,” she said.

Ellora Chua Hui Zhen, who scored 8A+, 1A and 1A- in the SPM, said she was dejected to learn she was not eligible for the bursaries.

“I had been planning to apply for the scholarships to study overseas,” she said.

Source: The Star Online