INTI International University College Scholarship, Apply INTI College Scholarship 2015/2016

INTI International University College Scholarship is now open to INTI College new student in 2015. We don’t have INTI College fees structure for you but based on the INTI College Scholarship 2015 information brochure, the scholarship is to help student paying their INTI University College tuition fees. This is a good news for student who are joining INTI College this year.

Hopefully with this INTI College scholarship 2015, many student will be able to further their studies without having to worry so much about how to pay for their INTI University College fees.

For more information about how to apply INTI College scholarship 2015, the followings are some information about this scholarship opportunity.

About INTI Scholarship

INTI’s mission is to provide access to world-class education to all Malaysian students. To provide an opportunity for secondary school leavers to pursue their higher education, INTI International University & Colleges offers a range of scholarships and awards for deserving students. The INTI-Laureate Merit Award is for students with outstanding academic performance while those with strong leadership qualities and have been active in serving their schools and community can apply for The INTI X-cellence Scholarship. INTI International University & Colleges also provides opportunities to students who excel in sports under The INTI Sports Excellence Award. In line with the country’s objective of increasing access to higher education, INTI is proud to introduce The Chairman Award to assist qualified Bumiputra students in their pursuit of higher education.

INTI International University College Scholarship 2015: INTI Family Loyalty Award 2013

Organisation Type: Private Higher Educational Institutions
Fund Type: Scholarship
Sponsored By:
INTI International University & Colleges

Detailed description: Terms & Conditions
The applicant must submit a certified true copy of:
* Birth certificates of student and sibling
* Alumni’s official certificate or examination result(s) from INTI.

Scope of award
1. The award is only applicable to payment of tuition fees.
2. In the event the tuition fees exceed the scholarship amount, disbursement will be equivalent to the scholarship amount. If the tuition fees are less than the scholarship amount, disbursement will be equivalent to the sum of tuition fees.
3. The award is only valid for the programme in which the applicant has enrolled in and for the applicant’s duration of study at the INTI campuses in Malaysia. In the event the applicant changes programme or transfers to another INTI campus in Malaysia, the scholarship may be terminated, subject to the approval of INTI.
4. The award is disbursed based on the length of the semester (short/long), course load/credit/subject.

1. State or national players in various sports
2. Meet the entry requirements for each individual programme

For more information on the scholarship, click to view the scholarship brochure

Entitlement: RM1,000 tuition fee waiver (Once-off Deduction)

Closing Date: Based on Intake Dates: January / February / March / April / May 2013

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Based on Intake Dates: January / February / March / April / May 2013

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