List of Scholarships Malaysia Latest

We wish to wish you all a Happy New Year to all SPM  students in Malaysia. It is almost certain that you are hunting for the right scholarships this year 2013 to further your studies. Entering a college in Malaysia will cost you  a great amount of money, and that is why we in is trying hard to compile all scholarships in Malaysia for you to choose from. Who knows one of those scholarships listing here will be yours.

Many colleges in Kuala Lumpur metropolitan has taken year as a year of giving more to deserving student. From our scholarships list below, you can see those scholarships are being offered by privates college in Malaysia to deserving and qualified students.

While waiting for your SPM result, many of you are probably keen to further your studies with the help from local and international scholarships. You may want to try to apply for scholarships as listed below.

College scholarship list

1. KBU International Scholarships
2. NTU International Science Scholarships
3. ASEAN Graduate Scholarship at Nayang Technology University
4. APEC Scholarships
5. Tun Rahah Scholarship Fund
6. Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship
7. Maxis Scholarship
8. Taylor Scholarships
9. University of Centebury Engineering Scholarship
10. Shariah Schloarship
11. Commonwealth Scholarships (JPA Scholarship)
12. Olympia Principal Scholarship
13. Putra Foundation Scholarship
14. HELP MIC Scholarship
15. UEM Scholarship Programme
16. UTM Industrial Phd Programme
17. KDU Scholarships
18. INTI Scholarships
19. The Tun Dr. Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship
20. Titijaya Scholarshipfund
21. Swinburne Sarawak Scholarship
22. BN Youth Scholarship
23. Colombo Scholarship
24. Amcorp Study Grant
25. KLIUC Scholarship
26. Sunway Scholarship

How to apply for scholarship
If you are interested in one of the scholarships listed above, all you have to do is look for information about scholarship submission process. Since those scholarships are offered by private college in Malaysia, all you have to do is visit their official website and contact them directly.

We will cover and post here information about those scholarships in our future update. So please come back for more information about the college scholarships listing above.

Hope you will take the opportunity to apply for scholarship for your studies. Good luck!